Sano Budokai

Sano Budokai was formed in 1994 and is the Sano branch of Shinkage-ryu.
We train the Shinshin Muso-ryu Iaido and Kendo styles of Shinkage-ryu.
As well as techniques, we pay careful attention to the etiquette and manners to provide authentic Budo training.
Our members are from a wide spectrum of society, including young and old, men and women and non-Japanese.
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What is Shinshin Muso-ryu Iai?

Shinshin Muso-Ryu is an Iaido style devised by the 24th Shinkage-ryu grandmaster Shohitsu Nakajima (Shoun).
As well as the family traditions of Shinkage-ryu Kenjutsu, Master Nakajima trained in various budo including Aikido, Naginata-jutsu (polearm), Jo-jutsu (staff), Kyu-jutsu (bow and arrows) and Karate, and devised Shinshin Muso-ryu Iai from Shinkage-ryu kenjutsu in 1942.
Shinshin Muso-ryu Iai is one step ahead of general iai-kata in that it displays the practical elements and mental fortitude of iai.
Also, in line with the teachings of the current grandmaster, Kazutora Toyoshima, everyone learns how to handle a live blade from their first time in the dojo, so progress is made unusually quickly.

Hombu dojo is in Koshigaya, Saitama. You can visit their website here.


Every other month, we hold special classes for cutting bamboo with live blades.
We can see the results of our training and improve our sword handling skills.
We also let our students who only train in kendo use a live blade to cut bamboo.
Here, they learn about important aspects of sword work such as hasuji (balde angle) and the sensation of cutting something.